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We came together to conceive and build The Eviction Lab web map, launching April 2018. With decades of collective experience, we're a smart, collaborative and cross-disciplinary bunch, passionate about design that affects lives for the better.



Human-centered data visualization
Data visualization consulting
Brand identity



Responsive web design
Mobile app design
User interface design
UX & user research



Front end web development
Back end web development
Data cleanup/ETL
Web mapping technologies/GIS

About The Eviction Lab


The Eviction Lab grew out of Princeton professor and Pulitzer prize-winning author of Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City Matthew Desmond’s work studying housing, poverty, and eviction.

Desmond and his research team at Princeton have spent the past years acquiring, cleaning, and validating tens of millions of eviction records – collected directly from court records in 15 states and from data from LexisNexis and American Information Research Services Inc. This is the first nationwide database on evictions at this level of detail; with a dataset (and country) this vast, there will be stories beyond count, and Eviction Lab’s tools are designed to empower a broad range of users to tell those stories for themselves, from researchers and journalists to average citizens.

Hyperobjekt developed a custom bivariate data visualization concept and map interface that prompts a user to explore intersections of census data (population size, demographic groups, and the like) and eviction data across varying levels of geography and time.


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James Minton


James is a designer and web developer committed to projects with a focus on public service and social justice. He holds degrees in photography, multimedia arts and psychology. Most recent projects include work on NYU School of Medicine’s website, and developing Justshelter.org in conjunction with Matthew Desmond’s release of Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City


Noele Lusano


Noele Lusano is a visual designer working at the intersection of form and function. For the past decade she has contributed to product development and art direction across tech, e-commerce, and nonprofit, with an emphasis in typography and branding. Outside of design, Noele can be found writing, saving obscure GPS coordinates for future use, and experimenting with olfactory art.


Lane Olson


Lane holds a BS in computing science, with distinction, from the University of Alberta. With two decades of web design and development experience, Lane has created interactive experiences for art galleries, universities, and acclaimed online courses. Through his previous work creating data visualizations and maps, Lane has developed an interest in creating interactive tools that are effective and easy to use. When not writing documentation or code, Lane is an avid musician.


Patrick Sier


Patrick received a BA in public policy from the University of Michigan. This background has informed his work as a web developer, most recently creating tools for evaluations and interactive dashboards at a university research center. He has experience in data visualization and analysis as well as civic technology projects involving tenants’ rights and the justice system.


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