Position: Front End Developer

Hyperobjekt is a digital agency specializing in design, web development and data visualization for academic and nonprofit public interest projects. We have collaborated with Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, transformational organizations, and preeminent researchers at institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton to develop projects ranging from visual identities and small-scale websites to interactive visualizations of nation-spanning datasets. Our projects have been featured in the NYT, Washington Post, White House/CDC communications, and many more outlets.

About the Role:

Our new Front End Developer will join a small team committed to projects for social good. This role will focus on working with our designers and clients to implement attractive static and interactive web designs and data visualization.

This is a full time, remote position. Our current team is distributed across the US and Canada.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 2-5 years coding experience
    In addition to modern web frameworks such as React, candidates should have a strong foundational understanding of CSS, Javascript, and HTML, and ability to research, select and learn new tools or frameworks to achieve results.

  • Data, Mapping and Visualization
    Much of our work centers on data storytelling and exploration through interactive maps and charts. Candidates should have experience mapping & plotting large datasets using Mapbox, eCharts, D3, and other data visualization platforms/libraries.

  • User-centric static site development
    We build visually engaging sites that aim to educate and inform, and users should be considered from end to end in our discovery, design and development process. We count on our developers to implement designs (typically within Hugo or Gatsby platforms) that keep diverse users in mind.

  • Candidates located in the PST through EST timezones preferred.


  • Working with designers and stakeholders to bring their project vision to life
  • Quality coding for accessibility
  • Regular and detailed QAing of new builds
  • Ensuring cross-browser and -device compatibility
  • Providing clear and detailed dev documentation
  • Creative collaboration with the Hyperobekt team

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Technical Questions

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  1. Give a high level overview of the tools and approach you would use to create a map of US counties with a choropleth layer that shades each county based on population.

  1. Give a high level overview of the tools and approach you would use to create a line graph of population changes over time for several cities. Give an example of some user experience considerations you will make.

  1. Give a high level overview of the tools and approach you would use to create a “scrollytelling” app which combines a written essay with a dynamic scatterplot chart so that as the user scrolls, the chart updates smoothly through several stages, highlighting different data points along the way.

  1. How do you ensure the applications and websites you build are accessible?

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