About Us

hyperobjekt  is a digital agency specializing in design, web development and data visualization for the nonprofit sector and social impact projects. We have collaborated with Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, transformational organizations, and preeminent researchers at institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton to develop projects ranging from visual identities and small-scale websites to interactive visualizations of nation-spanning datasets.

Through our combined decades of experience and numerous projects, we have gained comprehensive expertise in building sites and tools that inform public understanding and drive narrative change.

guiding principles

In all our projects, we aim for:

  • Intuitiveness: We strive to make our sites and user interfaces—even feature-packed ones built to explore large, complex datasets—easy to use and understand by experts and the general public alike.
  • Forward-thinking design: Encompassing the best practices in user experience, leading-edge aesthetic sensibilities, and innovative functionality.
  • Optimized performance: Our tech is built for speed & responsiveness, even when serving tens of thousands of data points.
  • Accessibility: We take a thoughtful approach to accommodating users with disabilities and take care to meet current accessibility standards.

what we do

  • Design: visual identity, print & digital collateral, websites, illustration, & more
  • Development: from small-scale websites and apps to rich interactive visualizations
  • User testing & UX consultation: drawing upon in-person moderated sessions, online tools, surveys, and our grounding in UX principles
  • Copywriting & editing: we partner with dynamic writers and editors to maximize the appeal and impact of written content
  • Analytics: we create custom interactive reports on website statistics which can be used to assess visitor engagement & ROI, as well as inform optimizations
  • Media coverage reporting: We offer the ability to track and visualize news articles & other mentions of our clients’ websites and work

our team

James Minton
Founder/Creative Director
Lane Olson
Technical Lead
Lou Groshek
Sasha Zyryaev
Lead Designer
Laura Shepard
Analytics & Social Media
Peter Lollo
Noele Lusano

interested in working with us?

Please use the contact form below, or write to us at info@hyperobjekt.com.